Just Another Finger

by Mista Cookie Jar



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This is a Mista Cookie Jar cover of the Dog On Fleas original. This particular thumb homage was conceived for Sirius XM Kids Place Live's 2013 "Kindie Mashup." A handful of some of the awesomest indie kids music artists (Kindie) linked up and traded songs with each other for a fantabulous radio concert airing Memorial Day weekend 2013. This is NOT the live version -- to hear the live version (featuring the Not Its! and Dean Jones himself) and all the glorious mashups listen to KPL/Sirius XM 78, Memorial Day Weekend!

Check out what the KPL Kindie Mashup is all about here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIQNhdDUWNo

Check out the original "Just Another Finger" by Dog On Fleas here on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z3JxVeZqTQ

For more great music by the Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer Dean Jones and his duo, Dog On Fleas, go to: www.dogonfleas.com



"Just Another Finger"

Well, hello!
Now how ya doin?
My name is Thumb.
I'm just a finger from ya hand, 
I'm the stumpiest one.
I wanna tell u who I am,
I'm so happy to meet ya
If u really wanna know,
I'll be happy to teach ya.
Ok, I'm the kinda finger,
that u wouldn't put a ring on,
Not rilly, unless the ring
was kinda silly.
Cuz it couldn't be Itty biity
It have to be biggie biggie
To fitty on that finga.
Iz u feelin me?
R u?
Anywho, thumb's got ememies.
I be that finger
with a keen wrestling ability.
Wanna settle a score?
Declare thumb war.
When the battle is on.
It's time to sing out this song, it goes:

Well i don't know why people love me so much
i guess i just have a magical touch
I just try to have me some fun
well c'mon everybody sing along with me, huh

I'm just another finger but they call me the thumb.

Now if u wanna visit planets
of an Alien race.
Ya stick ya thumb out at a spaceship heading to outerspace
See now, ya thumb is super handy,
when u play slap bass
In an elevator thumbs up
will mean: UP and Away!
Thumbs up for the movie.
2 down to the ground
if it wasn't too groovy. 
Ima stand up
when I really dig what ya mean
and if I'm good with gardens
Well, u can call me green.
I'm like essential
when ya finger counting 5 to 10.
And I bring the party down
Time and time again
With my da da da da da double jointed
Da da da dance moves.
my da da da da da double jointed
Da da da dance moves.
I'm like shommow mow
paa paa oo mow ma mow.
I'm like brady bunch baby
Da Way I gets on down.
All thumbs pointin left
All thumbs pointin right
we be workin thumb magic all night!

Well I went to see a band just the other night
I say, the band was real hot and everything was alright
my good friend's pointer and pinky were there.
they got the devil horn sign all up in the air

I'm just another finger but they call me the thumb.


released May 25, 2013
Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Back Up Vocals, & Drums - Mista Cookie Jar
Rap Lyrics - Mista Cookie Jar
Song Lyrics - Dean Jones
Original Song by Dog On Fleas
Song originally appeared on Sirius Xm Kids Place Live "Kindie Mash Up" 2013 Memorial Day Weekend


all rights reserved



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Mista Cookie Jar is a children's music performer/multi-instrumentalist/video producer extraordinaire. His family band, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, have toured the US promoting their blend of Urban-Island-Folky-Rock & Roll for the Inner Child. Fusing audio style & visual lyricism, tradition & innovation, Mista Cookie Jar unites a rockstar excitement with the warmth of family music. ... more

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