H​.​B​.​D​.​, Dude!

by Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

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Surfaliscious-birthday-rock-n-rap for the inner child! Mista Cookie Jar & his bodacious LA family, the Chocolate Chips, return with HBD, Dude!, their 4th-in-a-row, “single-a-month” release and first of the new year. Everyday this 2015, celebrate like it's your birthday as they did in the olden-golden days, doin’ the twist in the sun, hittin' the sweet waves, and — OMG! — taggin’ your friends in group selfies on social media. Thanks to the latest inter-web technologies (the YouTube, the iTunes, etc.), even in the dead of winter or in the most remote, sun-less regions of the planet, Cookie’s janglin’-one-man-band surf tones and the Chips fun ’n’ breezy Cali vibes can warm up your BD with a touch of a screen -- no matter your astrological sign! So put on your party hats and never take ‘em off. Make your BD an eternally H one!


HBD, dude!
Yeah, totally!
Doood…HBD, dude!
Killer cake.
H to the B to the D, foreal!
That’s going up on Instagram like NOW!

That stands for happy birthday.
Today is the day. 
No celebratin' earlay.
So throw some confettay
or even dry spaghettay.
Rip open --- your gifts. 
It's time get messay!
Piñatas. Party hats. 
Too much cake to handle.
Now, what's your age again? 
Don't know?
Count your candles!
Breath in. Blow out. 
Make a wish. And eat food. 
Take a look in the mirror!
Say, “HBD, dude!”

Do what you want. This is your day. 
Time to get silly 
in the worst way. 
We heart you Friday to Thursday. 
And even DOUBLE on your birthday!
So happy birthday!

HBD, dude!


released January 14, 2015
Drums, guitar, bass, vocals by Mista Cookie Jar.
Back up vocals by Ava Flava and Lucas!



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Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips Los Angeles, California

Mista Cookie Jar is a children's music performer/multi-instrumentalist/video producer extraordinaire. His family band, Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, have toured the US promoting their blend of Urban-Island-Folky-Rock & Roll for the Inner Child. Fusing audio style & visual lyricism, tradition & innovation, Mista Cookie Jar unites a rockstar excitement with the warmth of family music. ... more

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